Smarter Water Management = Your Key To More Profit

Your crops & fish stock need water today, tomorrow and the day after...

Good use of water sources can make the difference between failure and success!

We help you solve your water pumping issues to lift the profitability of your agriculture or aquaculture business.

Take The Leading Edge

Our engineering solutions reflect our passion for opening arid lands for sustainable high value crops.

6 Water & Energy Challenges Solved!

  • Pumping water to your crops or to your ponds is too difficult and unreliable. Aquisol intelligent controller makes it easy to pump, irrigate and fertigate 24/7.
    You can get higher value crops on low value land!
  • The cost of running generators and of diesel fuel is a major worry. You need a way to control your costs. Reduce your reliance on diesel fuel by adding renewable energy options. Aquisol solutions give you a fast ROI.
  • Power price increases affect your margin more and more. Your profitability is at risk. Aquisol allows you to add renewable energy during peak power draw. Use that option to reduce your power cost. You are in control!
  • The power cost of pumping water limits your ability to expand to other more valuable crops and seize new opportunities Our energy solutions deliver better financial return and security. They increase the scope of what you can do efficiently and profitably.
  • You are missing out on taking advantage of green energy for marketing, environmental and even government rebate purposes. Leverage the fact that Aquisol inverter is designed to switch between multiple types of power sources – Solar, Wind, Mains and AC Generators.
  • Lack of water security and power security stop you from growing your agricultural business. Aquisol designs flexible, expandable solutions to support the growth plans of businesses like yours.