Doctor or Nurse: Please, Please, Please Talk to an Attorney Before You Talk to an Investigator

In florida, you do not have to speak to an investigator!

Despite mailing out hundreds of lots of postcards and letters to physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and psychologists throughout florida, we hold to obtain calls from new clients and from capacity clients, when they have already spoken to and made vital harmful admissions in opposition to their personal pursuits to investigators. In florida, you do no longer have any obligation to cooperate with any investigator who’s investigating you. This extends to branch of fitness (doh) investigators (who’re now and again titled “clinical exceptional guarantee investigators” or “clinical malpractice investigators”), drug enforcement administration (dea) special retailers, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, or criminal investigators of any kind.

Investigators are not on your aspect.

Let me nation this as succinctly and really as viable. If you are being investigated, you may not be better off making a assertion. You’ll now not be better off explaining your side of the story. The investigator is not your friend. The investigator isn’t for your facet Carry out Background Checks. All you are doing is falling for a trick and assisting the authorities to make a case in opposition to you.

Shield your self and your license.

You have a right under the u.S. Constitution to not make any declaration that can be used in opposition to you. That is so crucial that in criminal cases government investigators are required to propose you of this by using reciting to you your miranda rights.

But, in cases in which you may have your clinical license revoked or have your nursing license revoked or have your dea range revoked or lose your medicare issuer repute or your medicaid company fame, the investigator isn’t required to propose you of your rights.

In a criminal case, there may be approaches to have your assertion thrown out. But, in a professional licensing case or other administrative case, it is able to be too past due to avoid the harm. You’ll be the first-class witness the government has and you will be the most effective witness the government wishes to prove this case against you.


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