Should You Hire A Chief Blogging Officer?

Should You Hire A Chief Blogging Officer?

My friend, tom, a former catalog ceo, newspaper editor and publisher, recently started a weblog. Known as “the catalog chronicles,” it’s an on-going, “unfiltered” examine of the changes taking area inside the catalog and direct marketing enterprise.

Tom’s weblog takes no prisoners while voicing and exchanging thoughts-providing sparkling and every so often blunt commentary on the kingdom of his enterprise.

Blogging, and more these days social media will exchange your commercial enterprise, in step with businessweek magazine. “your clients and competitors are figuring blogs out.” their advice: “capture up, or catch you later.”

Pop quiz. What does the abbreviation cbo stand for? Solution: chief running a blog officer.

I agree with lots of companies are going to go after these people, without or with the real name.

To weblog or no longer to blog?

Best 11 percentage of fortune 500 organizations have company blogs and only a few have a delegated leader blogger. That variety has risen slowly however step by step for the reason that give up of 2005, when just four percent had any type of weblog. A latest article in personnel control online stated most companies today are keen to hook up with purchasers inside the blogosphere.

Corporate blogging-and the name of leader blogger-are starting to hit their strides. Organizations which include coca-cola, marriott and kodak have these days recruited leader bloggers to tell their stories and engage customers.

In step with a new study, 57% of ladies who study blogs say blogs influenced shopping decisions. 29% determined to make a buy primarily based on facts they have study on a weblog, and 28% determined no longer to. The effects talk to the developing affect of social media on clients, say the authors of the “blogher/compass partners 2008 social media observe.”

The position of chief blogger or “logo voice”

“it is an excellent idea to have a main blogger,” said mack collier, a social-media representative and blogger on the viral garden, citing dell’s lionel menchaca and linkedin’s mario sundar as examples of a personality positively affecting a brand.

“now humans are comparing blogs as gear,” said paul gillin, media consultant and author of the brand new influencers. “it is going mainstream due to the fact agencies are knowing this is a device that has application.” he counts about 60 company blogs a few of the fortune 500.

The identify of leader blogger is seductive, however what is essential is the brand voice, whether or not it comes from one leader blogger (such as vice president bob lutz on standard motors’ fastlane weblog or ceo jonathan schwartz on sun microsystems’ jonathan’s weblog) or a set operating together, such as those on southwest and wal-mart’s blogs.

Is blogging proper for all manufacturers? Perhaps not. Bloggers and analysts said organizations that need to weblog must perceive a selected motive to do so, along with to humanize the company (like microsoft), make the business enterprise more open (like dell) or boost the fun-and-happy organization photo (like southwest).

A good region to begin

“absolutely everyone right now wants to or is taking into consideration beginning a blog, but it’s the wrong location to begin,” stated sean howard, director of method and innovation at raise communications and blogger at craphammer.Com. “they really need initially reading, following their clients, commenting on groups. Then reflect onconsideration on growing some thing.”

Running a blog’s drawback

A unmarried leader blogger should emerge as a lightning rod for on-line groups’ disdain. “the entire concept of getting a primary blogger while social media is so grass roots nevertheless smacks of organizations seeking to manipulate this,” said jim nail, leader advertising officer of cymfony Fractional CMO.

Dave armano, vice president of enjoy layout at critical mass and blogger at logic & emotion, spoke out for another function: “any mind approximately the whole ‘leader blogger’ aspect?” maximum responses fell into one in every of two camps: “no way; it is too formalized and a terrible idea” or “sure, it is a dream activity i might love to have.”

Beyond blogging-using social media to gain the emblem

Armano-and lots of others interviewed within the group of workers management article-argued that the focus have to be much less on the leader blogger name and extra on how social media can be used to benefit the emblem.

“blogs are used nowadays to lift our electronic voices and create our personal media,” consistent with businessweek mag. Social networks like facebook and myspace, video web sites like youtube, mini weblog engines like twitter-have emerged within the final 3 years, and are nourished with the aid of customers.


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