What is included in a car check?

A vehicle history check is a thorough background check on any car you are considering buying. This is a excellent tool to get a better understanding on the condition of the car and the value of it. It is recommended when purchasing any second hand vehicles that you conduct a car history check this will identify any problems. A car check will reveal the full history include the following:
– Vehicle specifications, model, make, colour
– Number of previous keepers
– MOT history
– Milage
– Salvage data
– Written off check
– Stolen check
– VIN number
– Outstanding finance check
– Emission details
– Safety Recalls

Each check is essential, by having an idea of the number of previous keepers you can understand how well taken care of the car is, more keepers could mean that the car was exposed to much more wear and tear whilst fewer keepers suggests it was more well taken care of. MOT history will show you if it has failed any past MOT checks, this could flag any recurrent issues. Milage data is essential, a car with high mileage has been used a lot which could mean the car is not in the best condition. Discrepancies in the milage will also show this could indicate something dodgy going on.

By checking if a car has been written off you can get a better idea on the value of the car and weigh up the risks of buying a written off vehicle. The salvage data can show images of the damage which is helpful to get a better understanding on the level of damage.

The stolen check is from the police database, it is important to check this as by law the vehicle can be taken away from you and you are likely to not be compensated. Also checking the VIN number on your report and physically on the car is a good way of making sure the car is not stolen if the VIN numbers match.

It is not recommended to buy a vehicle with any outstanding finance as you are liable for paying it off if you purchase the vehicle. Therefore, make sure that you check this and resolve all finance issues before buying.

All the information provided in a vehicle history check will give you a well rounded view on the condition and value of the vehicle you are interested in, so make sure to do one to ensure you are getting the best possible deal and to avoid any issues in future.


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